Smart Compliance Management is here to take the inconvenience and expense of managing your car park asset off your hands.

The implementation of a well-run car park results in increased compliance and fewer instances of unauthorised parking – meaning that valuable parking space is maximised for genuine visitors.

Poorly managed parking spaces have a profound effect on businesses who want to welcome customers with a positive experience. Not only are they having to deal with an already disgruntled visitor, but over time footfall decreases as motorists don’t return to a site where traditionally they’ve not been able to park easily.

For over 20 years, Smart Parking have been providing our Parking Management services to hundreds of sites across the UK, and we are now bringing that wealth of experience to the New Zealand market by launching Smart Compliance Management.

What is car park management?

Simple. We manage your car park for you! Our model is to put technology at the forefront of everything we do. As a result we install Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras at the entry and exit points of your car park, which take photographs of vehicle number plates as they enter and exit the site. Our system then runs a validation sequence to ensure a vehicle belongs to a genuine customer. If we find the parking site to suffer from abuse we will send out a Parking Breach Notice to those who fail to comply with your sites business rules.

The best bit? It comes at little to no cost to you. We retain ownership of any hardware installed and provide complimentary ongoing maintenance. All car park signage is produced by us and adheres to the NZ Parking Code of Conduct.

We also take the stress of monitoring and running the car parking site from the hands of the land owner to quickly bring a focus of parking compliance in a cost effective manner.

How can Smart Compliance Management help me?

We recognise that every site is different with unique requirements, so we conduct a thorough up-front analysis with the customer in which we get to the bottom of the challenges the parking location is faced with. This collaborative approach allows us to recommend the best method of management and installation of the hardware that is deemed most fit for that site.

We also do a thorough analysis around permit parking or concessionary scheme requirements. Smart Compliance Management’s system can cater for staff parking, maintenance workers, members of a gym or club, as well as motorists who have a disability or special requirements.

We also provide a dedicated Account Manager to help facilitate both the installation process and ongoing relationship.

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After a reasonably disheartening experience with various parking agencies, we turned to Smart Parking to see if they could offer more than the incumbents we were using. From the get-go they were open and engaging, and their expertise and practical approach around suitable solutions for each unique site gave us renewed faith in the process. After 12 successful installs so far, I’m happy to say we enjoy a fantastic relationship with the team at Smart Parking, whose open, honest and transparent service approach have made the entire process a breeze. We can now offer customers a vastly superior parking experience, and look forward to continuing our partnership with Smart Parking well into the future.

Jackie Tracey | New River Retail

On behalf of the Blackpool Citadel Corps of the Salvation Army, I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Smart Parking Limited for the introduction of car parking controls at the Citadel site at Raikes Parade, Blackpool.
My dealings with Smart Parking’s Commercial Manager have been commendably professional. The team’s extensive knowledge about the law and practice regulating car parking management is detailed and vast; and their manner has been extremely approachable, responsive and helpful.
Smart Parking has also impressed with its resources and expertise in providing supporting documentation required in connection with the making of the necessary planning applications. I’ve been very encouraged and appreciative of the help offered by the Company in this respect.

David Eccles | Corps Mission Secretary | Blackpool Citadel Corps of the Salvation Army

Following some technical challenges, I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact that a professionally managed technical parking system, can have.
The new Smart Parking system offers a flexible approach for our customers and it has increased the compliant revenue taken at the site.
Further, and more importantly, the relationship we have with the Smart Parking team means that we can contact them at any time, should we have any issues.
Indeed, we are currently investigating the potential of installing associated LED signage at the site, an upgrade we want to undertake with Smart Parking’s Account Management team.

James Parker | Operations Director | Fantasy Island Holiday Park