How to appeal a Breach Notice

The car parks under management of Smart Compliance Management have clear Terms and Conditions for parking, as detailed on the signage within the car park. If the terms and conditions for parking are breached, i.e. overstaying a free period, not paying for your parking etc, a Breach Notice will be issued. Read more about this on our FAQs page

If you feel the Breach Notice has been incorrectly issued, we will gladly consider any appeal. Please note, we can only consider appeal correspondence in writing, and you must respond to us before the payment date expires, to avoid additional costs should your appeal be unsuccessful.

Appeal online

The quickest and most convenient way to appeal your Breach Notice is online. All you need is your Breach Notice reference and vehicle registration plate number. Click on the button above to get started.

Appeal via post

You can also appeal your Breach Notice by post by sending correspondence to:

Smart Compliance Management
PO Box 12584
Penrose 1642

Please be ensure you letter includes your Breach Notice reference and vehicle registration plate number as well as any supporting documentation as we cannot consider appeals without this reference and any relevant evidence.