Why is car park management required?

Smart Compliance Management (a division of Smart Parking Limited) manages car parks for landowners to ensure that motorists are abiding by the policies for the use of parking spaces, as renting parking spaces is a business like any other, or that free time limits are being adhered to, which are commonly used by retailers to ensure that there is a regular turnover and availability of parking spaces for their genuine customers. Smart Compliance Management ensures that the car park terms and conditions are adhered to and that the parking spaces are used correctly. Car park abuse is detrimental to landowners, and Smart Compliance Management provides a service that ensures the efficient and regulated use of car parks.

What are the Terms & Conditions of a car park?

The car parks under management of Smart Compliance Management have clear terms and conditions for parking, as detailed on the signage within the car park. If the terms and conditions for parking are breached, i.e. overstaying a free period, not paying for your parking etc., a Breach Notice will be issued.

I hold a NZ Mobility Parking Permit, is my vehicle exempt from private parking rules?

The CSS Disability Action scheme for the disabled driver allows for holders of the permit to park in accessible car parks (displaying the wheelchair symbol), standard car parks and metered spaces for longer than stated times, and many time restricted zones, e.g. P30 for longer than stated times (as set out in local bylaws). This applies to public roading only, and is not relevant on private land. Whilst some landlords do provide preferential parking for blue badge holders, this parking is generally subject to the same terms and conditions as found elsewhere on the car park, and is sometimes charged for on the same tariff as other users of the car park. To avoid confusion, you should always check the terms & conditions.

Why have the NZTA provided Smart Compliance Management with registered ownership details?

Registered ownership details are provided to Smart Compliance Management by the NZTA when a vehicle has been parked in breach of the terms and conditions of a private car park. In order to be able to request this information Smart Compliance Management (a division of Smart Parking Limited) is accredited to use the NZTA Motochek database.

Does Smart Compliance Management have the authority to issue Breach Notices?

Yes. Smart Compliance Management can confirm that it only operates on sites that are situated on private land, are not council owned and that Smart Compliance Management has written authority to operate and issue Breach Notices on all of its sites from the landowner. Smart Compliance Management voluntarily follows the guidelines under the Code of Practice for Parking Enforcement on Private Land which details how companies should enforce their parking rules. Rules relating to parking your vehicle on private property (such as private car parks or retail car parks) are made by the property owners and are detailed under the signage displayed in the car park. By entering the car park and parking your vehicle you are entering into a contract where you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of parking, as displayed in the car park. If a customer breaches the terms and conditions of parking, Smart Compliance Management is able to issue a Breach Notice.

How do I pay my Breach Notice?

Pay online: To make an online payment with a debit or credit card, visit www.smartcomply.co.nz/pay and have this Breach Notice to hand.

Pay via bank: You can also pay your Breach Notice through your bank, either by online banking or at any Westpac branch to the following account number: 03-0318-0895852-02. Please ensure you include your Breach Notice reference and licence plate in the reference fields.

How do I appeal my Breach Notice?

Smart Parking has gained a vast amount of experience over many years of handling parking related appeals. Each appeal is individually assessed by a trained appeals assessor, who will review not only the site rules, but will apply a common sense approach. If you feel the Breach Notice has been incorrectly issued, we will gladly consider any appeal. To appeal a Breach Notice, either click here to complete the online appeals form, or write to Smart Compliance Management, PO Box 12584, Penrose, Auckland 1642. All appeals must be made in writing, and you should provide the Breach Notice reference, your car’s licence plate, and as much information as possible to the reason you are appealing, including any supporting documentation (i.e. a receipt to prove expenditure).

Will the Breach Notice increase if I lose my appeal?

If you appeal within 21 days of the date of the first Breach Notice we will freeze the amount until the appeal is resolved. If the appeal is rejected you will have a further 14 days to pay the original Breach Notice amount. Should you appeal after 21 days and your appeal is unsuccessful, you will be liable for the original Breach amount plus an additional $20 administration fee. Should we receive no correspondence from you within 35 days of the date of the first Breach Notice your details will be passed on to a debt collection agency.

What happens if I don’t pay or appeal my Breach Notice?

Should we receive no correspondence from you within 21 days, you will be issued a reminder Breach Notice that will include an extra $20 administration fee on top of the original Breach Notice amount. If you have not contacted us within 35 days of the date of the first Breach Notice your details will be passed on to a debt collection agency.